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Training glider

Learn to fly a glider.

If you are a student 15 to 25 years old,
apply for a scholarship to learn to fly.

Enjoy a flight in a glider

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This is the type of glider that you will fly in. It is a Polish SZD-50 Puchacz - a fine training machine that is also capable of significant cross-country flights by trained pilots.

The next scheduled gliding days and future events
Pilots please note: The CTAF at Warkworth is now 126.7 Mhz. (See ERSA wef 13 November.)
Pilots please note: Mine blasting schedule:
Wed 18 Mar at 11:00am. Blast approximately 300 metres north of the western end of the runway.
Blasting may be delayed if conditions are not suitable. Click here for more details. Information Operational implications:
Pilots should remain at least 1000 metres clear of the blast area when a blast is imminent. Note that this may affect approaches to 10, departures from 28 and overflying in either direction but any restrictions are likely to be of short duration. (See Communications)

Communications: (mine callsign Blast Control)
  • The mine will maintain a listening watch on the CTAF from at least 10 minutes before a scheduled blast until the all clear is given.
  • The mine will transmit a warning 10 minutes and 1 minute before the blast.
  • The mine will transmit a notification when the area has been declared safe after the blast has been completed or the blast has been delayed.
  • The mine will respond to any aircraft that calls in the area and may have missed previous warnings.

The coal mine adjacent to Hunter Valley Gliding Club is operated by Coal & Allied Operations Pty Ltd and the mine maintains this information. Recorded blast information is available on 1800 888 733 or, for more information 0427 900 358.

Date       Temps   Duty instructor(s)   Duty tug pilot

Sat 7 Mar    15 to 31
Partly cloudy.
 Lawrie Keegan Rohan Hall

Sun 8 Mar    18 to 33
Partly cloudy.
 Independent ops only Lawrie Keegan
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