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The Standard and Extended Air Experience flights and the 3 flight and 10 flight introductory packages can be purchased via a gift voucher. The voucher is delivered with a map and an introductory letter.

All aircraft have weight limitations. Please consider before purchasing a gift voucher. Information Weight limitation:
The gliders are certified for a maximum passenger weight of 110kg. This cannot be exceeded, even by 1kg. There is also a minimum weight but we have extra ballast weights to make up the difference as long as the person weighs at least 55kg. If the person weighs less than 55kg he or she will be required to sit in the back seat. Other than weight, if the person can fit comfortably into the glider he or she can fly in it.

You can pay online or call Paul Dickson on 0438 242 556 if you'd prefer to speak to a real person. You can also email us. Credit card payments can only be accepted online.

If you choose online or email delivery, you will receive a PDF file containing the voucher. You need to be able to print this on your own printer. We don't have internet access at the airfield so we can't look up your name online. Choose one of the postal delivery options if you're not sure.

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Approximately 30 minutes, depending on conditions

Approximately 15 minutes, depending on conditions

3 flights on the same day, depending on conditions. You will start learning to fly.

10 flights within a 3 month period. Includes 3 months membership of the GFA and the club and a log book. Not enough to go solo without prior experience but you should be well on the way!
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Credit cards accepted through PayPal
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You must print the voucher on your printer, preferably using a colour printer on heavy paper 120gsm or greater
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