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Training glider

Learn to fly a glider.

If you are a student 15 to 25 years old,
apply for a scholarship to learn to fly.

Enjoy a flight in a glider

Buy a gift voucher to give a flight to a friend.

This is the type of glider that you will fly in. It is a Polish SZD-50 Puchacz - a fine training machine that is also capable of significant cross-country flights by trained pilots.

The next scheduled gliding days and future events
Date       Temps   Duty instructor(s)   Duty tug pilot

Sat 25 Oct    18 to 35
Possible shower developing.
 Paul Dickson Mick Webster
Paul Jacobsohn

Sun 26 Oct    17 to 30
Possible shower.
 Damian Hamilton Lawrie Keegan
AAFC cadets expected
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