Prices current at May 2014. GST included.

Air Experience Flights and Introductory Packages

Air experience flights (AEF) and introductory packages can be purchased either via a gift voucher or by paying cash on the day you fly.

Standard AEF $200.00 Approximately 15 minutes, depending on conditions
Extended AEF $250.00 Approximately 30 minutes, depending on conditions
3 flight package $350.00 3 flights on the same day, depending on conditions. You will start learning to fly.
10 flight package $875.00 10 flights within a 3 month period. Includes 3 months membership of the GFA and the club and a log book. Not enough to go solo without prior experience but you should be well on the way!

Launch Fees

Aerotow only. Launches are charged on height. $37.00 to 1500ft plus $13.00 per 1000ft charged in increments of 100ft.

Glider Hire

All the club gliders are hired at a flat rate of $50.00 per hour (charged by the minute) for the first 4 hours of each flight, with no additional charge after that. Bulk flying is available and is charged at $750.00 up front then $12.50/hr for unlimited hours within the current financial year, also capped at 4 hours per flight. Private gliders are not cross-hired.

Visiting pilots from other clubs pay the same flying fees as members. Overseas pilots must join the GFA before any flight in a glider. (This can be arranged at the club). Friends and family of club members pay club rates + $30 if a GFA Introductory Membership is required.


Instruction is free - you only pay for the launch and glider hire.


The club membership year is July to June. If you join part way through the year, a pro-rata scale is used. You also need to join the Gliding Federation of Australia . GFA membership is 12 months, starting at any time of the year.

  Full (annual) Student 3 months 9 days
Club Membership $314.00 $78.50 $78.50 n/a
GFA $258.00 $135.00 $132.00 $30.00

Complete GFA membership fees are available at "GFA online shop (membership section)  

Other fees

Annual Hangarage $520 (members only)
Casual Hangarage $10/day
Powered Aircraft Fee $216/year
Caravan Site $165/year
New Clubhouse Accomodation $10/night
Maximum $150/year for club members
Free on weeknights
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