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Impromptu Thursday-Friday Flying

friday_vert.JPGThis week we were able to arrange flying on Thurdsay and Friday in addition to the normal weekend operations. The Bathurst tug TNE went back to its owners on Friday and we had our first launches with KKZ.  Morgan and Dieter went up in the Duo and got to 9700′ near Denman.  Dave launched in AY but didn’t think it was such a good day.

Saturday was the pick of the weekend.  11,500′ was reported by Brian Giersch.  Rohan accomplished a bit of cross-country flying in the Duo but it was pointed out to him by Joe (in the back seat) that Rosemount-Scone wasn’t even close to going out of glide-range of Warkworth.

Sunday was completely overcast by high cloud, with wave bars clearly visible underneath, although the wave was obviously too high to reach.  Without enough sun hitting the ground, only Brian was able to stay up for more than 10 minutes.

saturday.JPG kkz-landing.JPG


Delivery Day