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Beautiful one day; not so good the next

Saturday started out looking very hot and blue.  The cumulus clouds didn’t appear until well after midday.  Then one cloud to the west of us suddenly got very big and became a cumulo-nimbus.  There was lightning coming out of the blue and the whole valley was quickly overcome by shadow.  One pilot had correctly predicted the day: Dave Pickles had decided to go north.  He ended up doing 400km for the day. Sunday was completely overcast, so it was a good opportunity to do some work on the club fleet that we’d been putting off for a while.

Here’s the lightning from that storm later on Saturday night.  (Click to see it full-size in the photo gallery.)

Lightning 24/2/7


In other news, the tug restoration is proceeding.  Here’s the partly-covered fuselage:


CPV fuselage





Another Surprisingly Good Weekend


Three Outlandings in One Day