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Narromine Cup 2007

Another Narromine cup week has come and gone.  Even though the weather was not perfect and a couple of days were lost due to rain, there were some big flights done during the week.  Only two HVGC members, Phil Eldridge and I went, although there were more than 60 pilots overall, from as far away as California.

Flights were scored for distance on the On Line Competition (OLC) which is quite generous in finding “turnpoints” that maximise your distance, compared to the old pre-declared type of flying task.

Daily results: (each link opens the OLC in a new window)
Sunday 18th
Monday 19th (I won the day with 555km)
Tuesday 20th
Wednesday 21st (no flying)
Thursday 22nd (no flying)
Friday 23rd (Terry Bellair, the overall winner did 532km on a very difficult day)

My biggest flight was out to Cobar and back.  The last 100km of the route to Cobar is over completely unlandable territory.  There is literally only one farmer’s arifield halfway.  This route can only be attempted on days when you can get very high and glide a long long way.

Photos: (click for larger versions in our photo gallery - use “back” to get back here)

Phil Eldridge with his new glider Phil Eldridge with his new glider

Phil Eldridge about to Launch Phil about to launch in his new ASW20

Phil an Ian Discuss the Approachign Storm Phil and Ian discuss a storm aproaching Narromine

Lightning from that storm above The same storm ten minutes later, with some electricity!




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