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Australia Day 2008

The Australia Day weekend has come and gone.  We only had one day rostered for instructing: Australia Day itself. We had a big day with both 2-seaters fully utilised for the entire day.  The other three days (Friday was a flying day) were independent operations with only a couple of check flights.  Wally flew more than 12 hours total for the weekend.  There was even a bit of cross-country distance done. 

Mark Rowe Driving The TractorMark Rowe got checked out on the tractor, thanks to Jeff Hunt.

Altitude Trace From Ian Bogaard in VH-GIEThis is an example of the soaring conditions.  Note the trace goes lower than the ground level we flew over later in the flight. These were just the foothills; we never got as high as the top of the main range.  The flat valley floor is also obvious.  We kept a safe glide back to the valley in sight at all times. I would not expect to see any of the club gliders below 3000′ over the hills, but the private owners might be seen this low occasionally.


Fly in to HVGC by RNAC


Slow Summer