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On Sunday the 17th February HVGC were hosts to the Royal Newcastle Aero Club for a Fly In to Warkworth. The day was a resounding success with 15 pilots from RNAC attending despite some rather dubious weather…

Despite some heavy rain to the south, 3 aeroplanes flew in from Maitland, but another 3 cancelled due to weather who were planning to come from Warnevale and Sydney.

All 15 pilots had a flight in a Puchacz with either Colin Gross, Damien Hamilton or myself, and they all got some valuable stick time. A few even enjoyed spinning an aircraft for the first time!

The feedback from RNAC has been superb (see Colin Wrights’s email below). Several of the pilots have said they would like to take up gliding, and most said they now have another place to visit on weekends and would definately be coming back. The day has certainly put us on the map and given all of the pilots who attended a better appreciation of our activity.

Perhaps most important of all, was the fact that they experienced a very friendly welcome from everyone at the gliding club, and they will be back. The RNAC sub committee that organises these events would like to have a Fly In twice per year if possible.

Thanks to everyone who helped on the day. It was fantastic to have plenty of HVGC members on hand for flying duties and ground duties and particularly for making the RNAC pilots feel welcome. It is a day that none of them will forget. Special thanks also to Ben Coleman for his culinary expertise on the BBQ, and Eric for using his vehicle all day for towing the Puchacz back to the launch point. Well done everyone!!!

 Letter from Col Wright follows:

Hi Nick, 


Just thought I’d send you an email to thank you and all the members of the HVGC for your hospitality and for a fantastic day today. 


I’d call it an unqualified success.  Everyone was happy, joined in – no negatives, everyone that wanted to did get to fly - and I think that all RNAC members that did fly had their eyes opened. 


For me, I had a great day, good company and a very welcoming attitude from all of your team at the HVGC.  My only regret was not getting a ride in MKW but then again, I have already been spoilt! 


My apologies for not getting to say goodbye to you personally – the guys that I flew in with were keen to get RNC back to Maitland. 


I’ve put out a request for comments and observations on the day for inclusion in the next newsletter so we’ll see what everyone thought. 


For mine, I’d like to thank you and the club again for a bloody brilliant day!  I’ll be back for more and let’s talk about next year before too long.  Is there anything that could have been done differently/better?  Probably not! 


Thanks again Nick 


All the best