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The Middle of Summer

I declare today, Sunday the 30th of March, to be the middle of summer.  Some of you might refer to the calendar and try to tell me that it’s well into autumn, but I will not be swayed.  We have had so few good soaring days this summer that if we get just one or two more before winter, then today will have been the middle.  Perhaps I should say that it’s the middle of the “achieved soaring season,” but that doesn’t sound as dramatic.

Just check out these clouds!
Clouds over Warkworth

This weekend didn’t have any instructors and tug pilots rostered, so the flying was only organised at the last minute.  Saturday had the classic cumulus clouds.  Sunday started out with a strong westerly wind and didn’t seem to promise much.  The clouds appeared late and were very thin and spaced apart.  However this was caused by dry conditions in the atmosphere and the thermals were even better.  Heights of 9500′ were reported, with average climbs up to 8 knots.

Has anyone noticed that the Barringtons are exactly the same shape as a Libelle canopy?
Jeff Kemenade in Libelle GCX

Fred Caban had a flight in the Puchacz…
Fred Caban in Puchacz XQY

…and he took Vic for a ride in his Jabiru.
Fred and Vic in the Jabiru

Dave Pickles flew 315km in his Pik.
Dave Pickles in his Pik 20

Sunday: Paul Jacobsohn in the club’s Junior.
Paul Jacobsohn in Junior XOU


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