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Anzac Day 2008

CPV towed its first glider in nearly two years.

CPV towing

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Anzac day (Friday) saw a lot of rain fall at Warkworth.  Saturday seemed to have dried out enough to launch but it was hard work to stay up and all flights were less than an hour.  Sunday promised warmer temperatures and stronger thermals.  Just before we launched, the wind came.  It was about 15 knots on the ground, getting stronger with height, reaching more than 40 knots at 10,000 feet.  Unfortunately the upper-atmosphere instability wasn’t forming any usable wave. 

The wind direction was relatively consistent with height, about 320 degrees.  This meant that the ridges on the southern side of the valley were working nicely, up to about 5000 feet.  After many attempts, we managed to transition into the thermals going above this level but the strong wind made our climb angle equal to our glide angle. (IGC flie available via the OLC.)


CPV Is Back!


Outlandings, Lightning and Rainbows