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First weekend for our new instructors

This weekend did not look good on the forecast.  Cold southerly winds were forecast to blow hard all weekend, but not quite hard enough for wave.    Saturday was Damian’s first day on the instructors roster and there was only one student press-ganged in at the last minute.  The weather turned out to be very good.  The cold air meant that it only needed a small amount of solar heating to kick off some very good thermals.

Sunday was Akko’s first day on the roster and the breifing room was looking even more deserted at 9:29.  Two minutes later, the crowd arrived from the hangar.  There were enough keen pilots to get the gliders out of the hangar before the breifing.  We started launching early and kept launching until sunset.  In total, we had 16 hours flying and it seemed that most of it was done by Akko in the Puchacz.

Ian is still working on the minor repairs on the Puchacz wings.  There were a few dramas with the wrong paint.  Who knew that “Alaskan White” was different to “Alaskan Essex White”?  As soon as it was sprayed onto the wing, it was obviously the wrong colour.  Thanks to Jeff who stopped work on his own glider to go and get the correct paint.

Ian Bogaard - Dark Contemplation