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The View From Twenty Thousand Feet

Another Bunyan wave camp has been and gone.  This time we actually had some wave.  Good wave too!  Good enough to climb into controlled airpsace.  The best height achieved was 28,500 feet, winning the inaugural Alan Armistead memorial trophy.  (See this earlier blog entry for details.)

Here’s the view from 20,000 feet.  There were at least two wave systems at different heights with different wavelengths.  Roll your mouse over the photo to see the diagram.


Afterwards, there was a beautiful sunset higlighting the high altitude clouds:

Sunset over Bunyan

A good aussie bush BBQThe camp is a social affair too.  Dinner for 16 people was cooked by the pilots themselves.  The barbeque looked very home-made but it did an excellent job.

Morgan on Oxygen

- Morgan