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Windy April

Wave - Click to view in photo galleryFinally, the wind has blown away the mosquito infestation.  It also brought some rather nice wave on Saturday.

The early launches found the best wave, just west of the strip.  It wasn’t in its usual place and there were no lenticular clouds visible.  The cumulus clouds were not organised into distinct wave bars either.  There was just a large blue hole west of the strip.  On the eastern edge of the hole, the vario was indicating 2 to 4 knots up.  The best height achieved was just under 12,000ft.  Later launches achieved 8,500ft in the club Puchacz.  Wind speeds at altitude were up to 50 knots.

Sunday promised even better wave.  The blipmaps showed strong wave and strong winds all the way to the top of the forecast volume.  The wind was predicted to exceed 80 knots at 20,000ft.  Unfortunately the wind on the ground was so strong that the tug pilot couldn’t turn the plane down wind to taxi to the launch point.  The tug could only face into wind.  So we just had to sit on the ground and watch the clouds develop.

There was also some socialising, taking advantage of a fresh supply of firewood to have a warm evening.





Mosquitos Versus Blow Fly