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How Fast is the SparrowHawk?

The SparrowHawk is a very fast glider.  On Saturday, I drove in to Montague and, in only 30 minutes, I had the glider pushed out to the launch queue.  On Sunday I landed and, apart from spending a few minutes setting up the camera, I was ready to drive away in 15 minutes.  This is with no helpers and no special tools except for two adjustable-height wing stands.

Check out the video of the de-rig.  This is sped up so that 15 minutes takes 15 seconds. Nothing is omitted or edited. You can see me taking the gap tape off the wings and even carrying all of the tools and equipment back to the front of the trailer.







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Download Windows Media format (800kb)

Or you can download a high-resolution version that runs a bit slower (1 minute):

Sparrowhawk De-Rig Video (6Mb)


Where is my camera?