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Another Narromine Return

Ready for Launch

This Sunday’s forecast on the Blipmap was showing reasonably high cloudbases.  It also showed that the day would shut down early due to sea-breezes.  So not a hugely promising day.  But exceptionally high cloudbases were forecast out west.  So it’s not a problem if the day shuts down early and you’re 120km from home if you’re at 12,000ft with a tail wind all the way home.

We didn’t see the forecast for wave though.  There were lenticular clouds all over the sky like a fleet of invading flying saucers from Mars.  Have a look at this one that’s beaming up an innocent cumulus cloud.

Flying Saucers

Here’s another one, pretending to be a cumulus…

Lenticular cumulus

 Check out the results of the flight on the OLC link on the right-hand side of this page.


XQY Is Back In The Air