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Lots of Activity, Not Much Flying

This weekend had a pretty unpromising weather forecast. A continuous band of jetsream cloud went across the whole continent and straight overhead Warkworth. Wind speeds were forecast to be extremely high at altitude - over 120 knots. But the complete cloud cover meant that even if there was wave happening, it would be impossible to climb up through the cloud. We only had two launches but we did find a bit of wave lift on both flights. Unfortunately it was so weak that a spot of rain on the wings completely erased the tiny climb rate that was found.

Mick managed to complete the mowing, so now the airfield has been mown on two diagonals and we can go back to straight mowing next time.
Mowed Airfield

Here’s a model that Ian doesn’t have in his collection. (Or if he does have one, he doesn’t have the figurines that go with it.)
Jantar Model with three figures.


Narromine Cup as a transition to XC & Competition Flying