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Joey Glide News

Hi All,

I had ment to post a little something about joeyglide when I got back but then Christmas and new year happened and all of a sudden its Feb!

As I’m sure some would be aware, I flew at Joey Glide in December 2010, not as a compeditor but as a part of the coaching week.
However unlike JG’2009 I only flew once with a coach (Paul Mander in a Duo) on the first practice day. Joeyglide was moved last min from Narromine to
Waikerie SA, due to flooding around Narromine. Adelaide Uni Gliding Club were fantastic and let me fly GMI, their Club Libelle for the week.
I flew all bar one competition day alongside the Joey Glide guys (and girl), flying the comp task on all bar one of those days when I did a short 50Km out
and return for a badge claim. All in all I had a cracker of a week, with no outlandings flying the task all week on my first solo cross country flights I couldn’t ask for more!

Be prepared to be pestered with questions for advice for XC flying WW… (That means you Dave and Webster!)
Cant wait to compete next year at Kingaroy JG’11

The grid pre launch, Im right up the back…

Me with the Maddocks boys pre launch, Andy (In the glider) won the competition on the last day flying backwards!…
(A ripper of a day - perhaps the best fun I’ve had in the air!)

One of me in MI about to roll

Keep a lookout for the Junior corner of Soaring Australia, Adam Woolley is the Comp Director for this year. Anyone that knows him will understand the true meaning of enthusiasm. This year JG is going to be HUGE. There is already some overseas interest from Europe and US junior pilots looking to come down under!

Anyone under 25 for DEC 2011, get involved its the best thing you can do… Follow Joey Glide 2011 on facebook

[EDIT] - Sorry looks like you need to be invited to join the Facebook group, If your interested just let me know and I’ll invite! Its a good idea as there is alot of discussion and updates going on…

See you out at Warkworth soon!