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Weak Wave at Warkworth on a Windy Weekend

Sunday 26th June was a stable blue day with a 20 knot westerly and there wasn’t a lot of enthusiasm to launch. I was just as well that we did as there was weak wave to 7,000′ about 6km west of the airstrip. It was only 1kt of lift that hardly made the vario squawk but it was going up! The band of lift was less than 1km deep and only about 6-8km wide but it was nice & smooth and a fun way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon drifting back & forth.

Wave Map

There was also another band of lift further west over Jerry Plains.

Jantar Jnr Instrument Panel

It’s only 1kt lift but it is going up!


Morgan below in the little SparrowHawk


Clarissa’s First Solo


Clubhouse Begins


SparrowHawk First Flight


Unexpected Wave