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ClubHouse Progress

The construction of the new clubhouse is finally gaining momentum, with the help of many members who don the work clothes to help out where ever they can. Over the last few weeks the electrical cables and internal plumbing have been installed, and last weekend the wall and ceiling insulation went in. Today I had to postpone the delivery of the septic and water tanks since the gravel failed to arrive on Friday last week, this is just a small set back, however today the order went out to build and deliver the amenities building and I will keep you all up to date about it’s ETA. 

If you wanting to get in and help, after the walls and ceiling gyprock is installed this week, I will be advertising for about 4 members to team up and paint the new internal walls. This is something any one can do and if you would like to assist, please let me know. We’re not going to get carried away with debating over the colours, just neutral colours will be selected. A woman’s opinion will help if you or you have a partner who is interested in helping selecting colours. 

Another job which will need some muscle is the retaining wall and drainage around the south and western walls. The materials for this project will be delivered in the next week or two. 


New youtube video - lookout


New Clubhouse Lock up