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HVGC still in the top-10 worldwide gliding clubs

HVGC is still in the top ten gliding clubs worldwide, according to the OLC. See the club ranking here:
One of the flights contributing to the HVGC total - thermals in Argentina [Click For Large Size]

Actually, we’re currently showing as seventh, having recenly been pushed down by the Chilean glidng club, Munivitacura. (Their airfield is right in Santiago city and they have excellent access to long ridges.)

This is really amazing for HVGC as there have been around a thousand 1000km flights done in southern Africa. They have been doing 20-30 flights longer than this every single day since November! But dedicated logging of flghts by HVGC members has kept the club near the top of the rankings.

We expect that once the northern hemisphere thermal season kicks off around April, that we will be pushed down the rankings. Last year we finished at 214th, with 43,000 points. Since we’ve already logged that many points in the 2013 season, we are on track to improve our ranking.