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Two years ago at the Australian Junior Nationals ‘Joey glide’, a small group of us started talking about how awesome it would be to fly a primary glider. Unlike the usual “how good would it be to…” talk, the idea slowly grew momentum. Building one was discussed and some effort to find plans was successful, but seemed at least at first a little hard logistically.

Then I get a phone call from the Maddocks brothers (Andy and Nick); “Guess what we just bought!” A Dixon Primary that had lived at Gulgong, built somewhere between 1933 and 1945.
Fast forward a couple of weeks, and cutting a long story short, I flew up to Boonah last weekend for its first flight in years with most of the small group of juniors that had started this nonsense. She flew six times that morning, for a total of 6 mins logged and six pilots converted to a Dixon Primary. There should be an article in Gliding Australia, and few videos floating around that I can show next time I’m at the club so I’ll leave it at that. Very good fun!



By the way joey glide is coming up again for anyone interested, and for those who don’t know it is being held at Narromine this year, which is also the site for the Junior Worlds in a couple of years time… If you’re under 25 (Hello you Scholarship Kids!) and think it might be cool to say “I’m flying for Australia” at show and tell some time in the near future, check out —–>