Unexpected Wave

The weather forecast for Saturday the 4th didn’t look too promising. Cold, stable air with 20-knot winds means no thermals. There were lots of lenticulars in the sky, looking like a fleet of invading Martians. But the lennies looked too high and too far away to reach.
Wave - about 6500ft
Well! There was wave, reachable from a 5000ft launch. The conditions were smooth on tow until about 4800 where it went really smooth. The vario indicated a bit more up, indicating time to get off. It wasn’t very strong - the purple patch was only 2knots - but good enough to keep the Puchacz up for 2 hours.
Check out the OLC (link on right) for the results. Damian and Brad actually got a scorable flight, doing just over 50km.

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