Clubhouse Begins

I am pleased to report that on 25th May, we received the approval to our Development Application. While this is a step forward, this does not mean we could begin construction. On Friday 17th June, we received the Construction Certificate, which is the document we needed to move forward with construction. This has certain restrictions in that we have not yet received approval for the bunkhouse, since there is still one aspect of the design which is unresolved, however we can begin work on the clubhouse and the amenities. Weather permitting we will begin earthworks on the weekend of 2-3 July and the slab for the shed will follow shortly thereafter. With any luck the shed for the clubhouse should be up by the end of July or early August. If any member would like to review these documents, please drop me an email with you request and next time you are at the club. Please note; for OH&S reasons, once construction begins, no one (including members) will be permited the enter the construction area unless you are directly involved in the construction. There will be occasions during the construction where Ian, Brian or myself will be calling on members to help out.

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