The Old Club Winch

Who remembers the old winch at HVGC from back in the dark & distant past???

The Old Winch

I recently spent a couple of weeks in Tasmania on a family holiday and managed to find an excuse to visit a gliding club while touring the country (pretending to be lost and happening upon a gliding club - I wonder if she suspects??)

While I was at the Soaring Club of Tasmania‚Äôs site in Woodbury I found the old HVGC winch languishing in a shed at the back of their hanger. It doesn’t see a lot of use these days as the club mainly aerotows but seeing it did bring back a few memories. Winch launching was a great thrill as a 16 year old and I also learnt to drive at the club using the old Monaro that the club had to retrieve the winch wire. Most of all I learnt to make yourself scarce when there was a wire break and that there was a “bunch of grapes” (wire tangle) that needed sorting out before the wire could be joined and launching recommence.

The Soaring Club of Tasmania are a very friendly bunch and I can recommend visiting them if you are ever in the area.

Soaring Club of Tasmainia

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