Thermal Structure Discussion

On Saturday 16th February Paul Mander led a discussion in the clubhouse on Thermals; their structure, their behavious, and how to use them. It was a great evening and attracted quite a crowd.

Paul's Thermal Discussion  Mick's Theory

Paul’s Thermal Discussion                                                                              Mick’s Theory

The discussion started with lots of Paul’s thoughts on thermals and there was also lots of opionions from the group. I flew on the Sunday and it seems that the thermals had not paid attention to the theory as they still seem to do their own thing but maybe it’s just my flying???

This was the first of a planned series of discussions do be led by Paul and others so keep you eye on the email for notification on the next meeting. Some of the other planned discussions are;

  • Thermals; how to master them (introducing Chichester’s Deliberate Error)
  • Thermal development and behaviour during a typical day
  • Flying in (sometimes close) company
  • Getting Low; how to avoid it (AKA The Rhythm Method; Richard?)
  • It’s a numbers game; working the odds
  • Getting Low; how to survive it, how to get up. Risk management, controlling stress.
  • $10 in the bank
  • Preparation; control the controllable
  • Flying the AAT; the five golden rules
  • Does MacCready rule?
  • The mental game

The thermal discussion group

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